Renovating an Apartment Building: Tips

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Renovating an Apartment Building: Tips

I had always wanted to be an entrepreneur, so when I saw a local apartment building up for sale at a great price, I decided make the investment. I am a manager by day, so I thought I was ready to be a great landlord. After I had trouble attracting new tenants, I decided to try investing in a few upgrades to see if I could attract more tenants with the added features. I hired a local contractor to work on my first project, which was a fitness room. I remembered that I always looked for buildings with them when I rented apartments! I then had some work done on the grounds and in the apartments themselves. The building is completely full now, so I realized it was a good investment. I decided to start a blog to share my renovating and construction tips with anyone who needs them!

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Your Concrete Surfaces: Signs Of Damage To Look For

When you own a home with concrete surfaces like sidewalks and a driveway, you may simply assume that those surfaces are solid and are going to remain in good shape indefinitely. However, just like anything else in the home, these concrete surfaces can suffer damage and will eventually need to be repaired or replaced. Get to know some of the signs of concrete damage that you should look for. Then, you can be sure that you are properly caring for and maintaining your concrete surfaces going forward. 

You Notice Dips or Unevenness In Your Surfaces

One of the telltale signs that your concrete surfaces may need repairs in the near future is if they develop dips or other unevenness on those surfaces. Dips in the concrete are indicative of the soil settling or shifting underneath the concrete. Unevenness can indicate the same issues. 

While the dips in the concrete may not be a major problem to start with, eventually the concrete will crack and break from the shifting beneath the surface. As such, if you notice these issues, it would be better to act quickly to address the problem. 

Spider Cracks Develop

Cracks in concrete surfaces are common and occur with the passing of time, but there are different types of cracks that can occur. Single cracks that have no branches extending off of them are the least worrisome. 

The most worrisome concrete cracks are spider cracks or spiderweb cracks. These are areas of damage that have multiple cracks stemming from a single point, much like a spiderweb. This is so troublesome because the amount of cracks in one destabilizes the concrete. These cracks grow and spread quickly and develop branches of their own that spread out. The result is disintegrating concrete surfaces. 

Repairing Concrete Surfaces

Luckily, there is a way to repair concrete surfaces. For cracks in the concrete, you can use concrete fillers that you simply apply to the cracks. These fillers expand into the crevasses of the damaged areas and will dry, creating a solid surface. Just make sure that when you apply the filler, you level it off with the surface of your concrete to ensure the surface is as smooth as possible. 

There are also concrete patches that can be used in larger areas of damage. These patches are made with a blend of materials to make them extremely durable and strong once applied and allowed to dry. 

Replacing Concrete Surfaces

In the event that you already have severe dips in your concrete or many spider cracks, you may find yourself in need of concrete replacement. Replacing a concrete surface can be a relatively quick process if you hire the right team to do it. 

The concrete experts will come in and ensure that the surfaces are beyond a simple concrete repair. If that is the case, they will jackhammer out the concrete that is there, level off the ground underneath, and pour the new concrete. This can be done in a couple of days with the added several days for the concrete to dry. 

Now that you know some of the signs of damage to look for in your concrete surfaces as well as more about the repair and replacement process, you can be sure you do what is best for your home in the future. Contact a concrete repair service like Outdoor Construction Services LLC for more information.