Renovating an Apartment Building: Tips

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Renovating an Apartment Building: Tips

I had always wanted to be an entrepreneur, so when I saw a local apartment building up for sale at a great price, I decided make the investment. I am a manager by day, so I thought I was ready to be a great landlord. After I had trouble attracting new tenants, I decided to try investing in a few upgrades to see if I could attract more tenants with the added features. I hired a local contractor to work on my first project, which was a fitness room. I remembered that I always looked for buildings with them when I rented apartments! I then had some work done on the grounds and in the apartments themselves. The building is completely full now, so I realized it was a good investment. I decided to start a blog to share my renovating and construction tips with anyone who needs them!

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Electrical Considerations For Your Home Office

Experts estimate that some 30 million workers spend at least one day a week working from home, and that number is expected to increase by 63% in the near future. Whether you are self-employed or you just telecommute, it can be beneficial to have a dedicated space within your home that is used for work purposes. Remodeling your living space to create a home office gives you the freedom to customize your living space.

While the electrical needs of a home office may not be at the top of your priority list, taking the time to ensure you have some customized electrical features installed during your remodel can make your home office more functional in the future. Here are three unique electrical features that you should consider when creating a home office.

1. USB connections on your outlets.

Modern workers not only rely on desktop computers to conduct business, but on tablets and cell phones as well. These devices are charged using USB cords, so it can be beneficial to incorporate outlets with USB connections into the electrical design of your home office.

Outlets with USB connections allow you to charge your USB devices without monopolizing the outlet. This leaves plenty of room for you to plug in your monitor, printer, landline phone, or other electrical device.

2. Electrical outlets placed high on walls.

Taking the time to determine how you will furnish your office prior to beginning the remodeling process will help you determine where you want to have an electrician place your electrical outlets. Many workers like to place copiers or scanners on shelves above their desks.

Putting these devices on shelves frees up desk space for other activities, but it can also create unique problems when it comes to plugging in these electronic devices. You may want to ask your electrician to install an outlet near the area where you will shelve your printer or scanner that sits higher on the wall than most traditional outlets. This will make it easier to plug in these devices without the use of an extension cord.

3. A dedicated electrical meter.

If you are creating a new home office space, you may want to have your electrician install a dedicated meter that measures the electrical usage of the room independently from the rest of your home.

Having a separate meter for your home office allows you to easily receive a bill for your business-related electrical expenses. These expenses can be used as deductions when filing your taxes, so measuring the electrical output of your home office separately can be beneficial.

Customizing the electrical features of your home office during a remodel can make this space more convenient and functional in the future.