Renovating an Apartment Building: Tips

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Renovating an Apartment Building: Tips

I had always wanted to be an entrepreneur, so when I saw a local apartment building up for sale at a great price, I decided make the investment. I am a manager by day, so I thought I was ready to be a great landlord. After I had trouble attracting new tenants, I decided to try investing in a few upgrades to see if I could attract more tenants with the added features. I hired a local contractor to work on my first project, which was a fitness room. I remembered that I always looked for buildings with them when I rented apartments! I then had some work done on the grounds and in the apartments themselves. The building is completely full now, so I realized it was a good investment. I decided to start a blog to share my renovating and construction tips with anyone who needs them!

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Learn How To Make Your Pool One-Of-A-Kind

If you want a pool that is truly unique, you need to consider customizing it. While the shape and size of the pool can be customized by the builder, there is a great customization technique that you can use to make your pool even more unique. Use the following guide to learn how to use paint to make your pool one-of-a-kind.

Choose a Design

You will be painting an amazing design on the sides and the bottom of your pool. You can paint the surfaces of the pool before the pool is filled so that you do not have to worry about having it drained and then refilled to create the customization. Craft stores sell stencils of all sizes. You want to choose a stencil that is large so that you can create the design you want to create in as little time as possible. Using a small stencil will take a long time.

Prepare to Paint

Determine how you want to create the design of your pool. You can create a design every few feet around the edge of the pool, create a border with the design, or just create an image on each side of the pool. The choice is up to you. Choose the location where you want the first design to be and use painter's tape to keep the stencil in place.

Paint the Design

Use florescent outdoor enamel paint to paint inside of the stencil using a small paintbrush. You don't want to apply a large amount of paint to the wall of the pool, because it will drip down the wall and ruin the design you are trying to create. Allow the paint to dry for ten minutes before pulling the stencil away from the wall. You should see the design you created very clearly.

Finish the Design

Place the stencil in the next location where you want to create a design and repeat the placement and painting process. Continue to stencil around the pool and on the bottom of the pool until the design you want to create is complete.

Now all you need to do is place black light bulbs in the lighting receptacles of the pool, fill the pool with water, and wait for night to come. When it is dark, turn on the lights, and the black light will cause the images you painted to glow brightly around the entire pool to make it look brilliant and unique.

Experts who specialize in creating custom swimming pools can help you find additional ways to customize your pool