Renovating an Apartment Building: Tips

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Renovating an Apartment Building: Tips

I had always wanted to be an entrepreneur, so when I saw a local apartment building up for sale at a great price, I decided make the investment. I am a manager by day, so I thought I was ready to be a great landlord. After I had trouble attracting new tenants, I decided to try investing in a few upgrades to see if I could attract more tenants with the added features. I hired a local contractor to work on my first project, which was a fitness room. I remembered that I always looked for buildings with them when I rented apartments! I then had some work done on the grounds and in the apartments themselves. The building is completely full now, so I realized it was a good investment. I decided to start a blog to share my renovating and construction tips with anyone who needs them!

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How To Replace Storm Window Glass

If you want to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, it helps to have reliable storm windows. When storm windows are installed and properly maintained, they not only make your home more comfortable, they save you money on your monthly energy bills. This is why if one of the panes of glass becomes broken, it should be replaced immediately. Not only is the broken glass dangerous to you and your family, it is costing you energy dollars. Fortunately, the process of replacing storm window glass is relatively simple and straightforward. Just remember to take safety precautions while you're carrying out this project.

What You'll Need

  • Table or Workbench

  • Replacement Glass

  • Duct Tape

  • Screwdrivers

  • Putty Knife

  • Razor

  • Pliers

  • Medium Sandpaper

  • Caulking Gun

  • Caulk

  • Work Gloves

  • Safety Glasses or Goggles

Step 1. Put on protective work gloves and safety glasses or goggles. If the glass is badly broken, use strips of duct tape to secure it in place. This will ensure that it doesn't shatter while you are moving and working on it.

Step 2. Remove the storm window and place it on a large table or workbench. It's a good idea to choose a well lit area for doing this work.

Step 3. Use a putty knife or screwdriver to remove the vinyl spine (sealant) that seals the glass to the metal frame. If you have a storm window that uses putty or caulking instead of a vinyl spine to seal the glass, you will have to scrape off this material using a razor blade or a putty knife.

Step 4. Use a screwdriver to loosen the holders holding the glass in place. Then carefully lift out the damaged glass, making sure not to cut yourself. Dispose of the broken glass. If there are any shards of glass still stuck in the frame, pull them out using pliers.

Step 5. Now you need to inspect the frame and clean it. Use a piece of medium grit sandpaper to clean out the window frame grooves on all four sides. In addition to getting out any dirt or debris that may have collected, this will also remove any last remaining bits of glass.

Step 6. Put in the new replacement pane of glass. Position the glass so that it is centered in the frame. There should be a tiny gap between the glass and the sides of the frame. Carefully insert the pane of glass into the grooves. Use a screwdriver to secure the glass holders.

Step 7. If your window has a vinyl spine, replace it by pushing it back in with a putty knife. If your window doesn't have a vinyl spine, use a caulking gun to seal the window with caulk. Allow the caulk to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions and then reinstall the storm window.

For professional help repairing storm windows, contact a company like R & K Windows.